As a New York state licensed psychologist, I combine cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and insight-oriented psychodynamic therapy to help people feel more grounded, self-reliant, self-assured, and hopeful. My approach helps New Yorker’s relieve burdensome symptoms through gaining new insight and practical tools for living. This blend of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy is an effective long-term treatment because the gains are long lasting and the effects are cumulative.

My client specialties and services range from performance coaching with creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, to affirmative therapy with LGBTQ+ clients, young adults, and individuals struggling with intimacy, finding purpose, or making significant life changes.

Experience has taught me that therapy should be a highly personalized, collaborative, authentic, and rewarding experience. It should also be an active process where both the therapist and client are both participating in thinking deeply about life and the choices ahead of us. I hold a positive regard for each of my clients, and I will work with you as you make subtle changes in your thoughts and actions so that you can reshape your experience. Having positive expectations for my clients in this way, and the work we do together, promotes growth and fosters personal transformation. 



I’ve had a thorough liberal arts education. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education, graduating with honors from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Immediately following graduation, I threw myself into a Doctor of Psychology program at the George Washington University, and completed an internship and post-graduate residency years at the Baruch College Counseling Center in New York City. I am grateful for the breadth and depth of my training, and the supervisors, like Dr. Dorothy Holmes, Dr. Barbara Suter and Caroline Kasnakian, who opened my eyes to the power of the unconscious, the creative potential of the body to express and process emotions, the importance of being focused on the present, the therapeutic relationship, and emotional attunement.

My education has endowed me with some knowledge to educate and mentor others; I have served as an adjunct and staff psychologist at Baruch College, supervising the clinical work of masters-level and doctoral candidates in psychology, and now within my practice – Clarity Therapy. Above everything, it has been hands-on clinical work, helping real clients in real time, that has sharpened both my skill and love for the healing potential of psychotherapy and counseling.


The more honest answer to “Who are you?” is that certain events in my life compelled me to try to be of service to those struggling with unremitting sadness and a sense of disillusionment, through compassion and support, which has become my calling for a career in professional counseling. Within my private practice, Clarity Therapy, I work with people (face-to-face and virtually through the internet and social media) on the cusp of change as they work to transform their current challenges into new opportunities for release, relief, and expansion. While I can’t gift the sun, I make every effort to help people find the keys to unlock their own light within.


My own early introduction to the world of wellness is a personal story.

The brief version is that my own personal experiences have cultivated within me a deeper appreciation for the vast diversity of human experience, as well as the common humanity and struggles that we all share. While depression is not my personal plight, I have struggled throughout my professional and academic life (mostly due to severe dyslexia and being a provider/“people pleaser”) and in my personal life due to anxiety, difficulty processing loss, and moments of unhealed shame. For a long time, I was held back by many unresolved grievances, and it has been a slow, yet steady, journey to acceptance.

Even so, through these personal and professional experiences, I have had the privilege to meet with people from many communities and from all walks of life, who have shown me how they fought to increase their sense of identity and self-love. What remains constant among them all is the desire to feel seen, heard, connected, and supported.


It’s my job to offer that support. My job is to support you as you look more deeply at your life; to accept you where you are at this very moment. I’m here to help champion the inner child within all of us who just needs to be heard; to help give you new choices, so that you can be more potent and intentional in your decision-making. Above all else, I am here to help you embrace your rights as a human being to find your own way, in your own way, and on your own timing. 


Whatever your circumstance, know that there is more out there for you in this life—more joy, more peace, more creativity, and more freedom. Together, we’ll peel back the layers and examine how events unfolded, beliefs took hold, and behaviors were used to adapt that have led you to this present moment. We’ll confront what may be hard to look at, and always with a little bit of love and grace, so that you can deconstruct what no longer is serving you at this point in time. As you dissolve the energy of the past, you can move forward with more lightness and freedom.



Are you anxious or depressed? Have you experienced dark and fearful thoughts? Maybe you’re in a state of personal or professional transition and are finding it difficult to adapt. Perhaps you just feel like something is missing and desire a little more happiness in your life.

Over the years, I have served a hugely diverse range of clients, from those dealing with unhelpful thinking or unhealthy behavioral addictions, to millennial’s on the cusp of major life changes. I serve people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, belief systems, gender identifications, sexual orientations, and social circles.

Whatever you’re struggling with, allow me to help you reshape your perspective.While some of the trauma we carry with us in life is deeply entrenched, there is always relief on the horizon; you can go from “suffering from” to “living with.”



My primary work is as a licensed psychologist out of my New York-based private practice, Clarity TherapyPrior to jumping into any working therapeutic relationship, I offer individual consultations to assess client needs and initial chemistry.

Your comfort is my utmost priority, and choosing the right therapist for your unique journey to wellness should not be taken lightly. Should we prove to be a good fit, I offer psychotherapy services to unearth the deeper root-causes of established emotional and behavioral patterns, shorter-term counseling sessions to treat more general life problems, and life-coaching to tackle urgent concerns with tangible strategies and actionable steps.

I understand that for many, “therapy” is still a dirty word, and for others, it’s not always a financially viable option. I firmly believe that no one should ever miss out on the benefits of personal development and expansion, and so I’ve created these resources to aid you in your own self-work at home. 

In the “Read” section of my website, you can find links to blog posts on a range of topics to suit your particular needs. I also offer free interactive worksheets to guide you as you become a more proactive agent in your own mental and emotional growth. For those looking to take their elevation even further, I offer products like e-books, journals, and guided meditations so that you may create your own curriculum and continue your “healing homework” at your own time and place.

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