Clarity Therapy is a private practice based in the heart of New York City.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Logan Jones, Clarity Therapy is a collective of licensed mental health professionals specializing in a range of areas including relationship and intimacy issues, managing anxiety, depression, and self-esteem, adjusting to New York City, major life transitions, couples and marital therapy, and entrepreneurs.

Central to the philosophy of the practice is its regard for personal development as the process of gradual self-actualization. Therapy and wellness is not regarded as something self-indulgent or trivial, but as a necessary, life-affirming, and invaluable investment in “sanity maintenance,” that accelerates one’s growth. By focusing on our own wellbeing, we not only enhance our own lives, but we also contribute to the greater good of humanity and the healing of a now divisive world.

My practice is designed to help people heal by supporting individuals as they take responsibility for their own well-being. I combine practical, solution-focused cognitive-behavioral techniques, grounded in insight-oriented psychodynamic theory, with a mix of good old fashioned and new age wisdom to help people find healthier perceptions of themselves. Through collaboration and consistent practice, my clients find systems to strengthen their relationships so that they may feel more peaceful, complete, safe, powerful, and fulfilled (which is our original programming).



Clarity Therapy serves self-development wisdom seekers and individuals looking to work with a licensed therapist.


At Clarity Therapy, our passion and purpose is helping individuals reconnect to themselves and their true purpose.

We accomplish this in a number of ways. We support and nurture people as they re-learn how to access their innate strengths and wisdom. We help people as they focus on and improve their overall experience of emotional health and wellness. We encourage people to take care of and radically accept themselves, take responsibility for their healing, advocate for themselves, and stay deeply connected to humanity, and to the world around us.

Grounded in this philosophy, we’re able to provide life-affirming mental health services as our intention. As a practice, we strive to provide clients and therapists a safe, therapeutic space that puts emotional health and wellness first. We offer an enriching and vibrant community culture that embraces diversity, fresh perspectives, and challenging the status quo.


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