Whether you are a single person or in a partnership, it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with vulnerability, with relying on others for emotional support, and other anxieties associated with being intimate.

These challenges often stem from our past difficult experiences like unresolved fears or some anxiety about closeness, and other elusive factors that we may not easily see. These are sensitive topics that are difficult to navigate, and it is helpful to have some guided discussion to draw out and address roadblocks getting in the way of deepening your relationships.

I have helped numerous clients work through problems that get in the way of them developing deeper, more trusting, and more meaningful relationships.

If you feel that difficulty with intimacy is impacting your relationships in a negative way or, if you just want to have a place to explore your concerns, you and I can have a compassionate conversation that can lead to real growth. Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about my work or to schedule a consultation appointment.

Together we can respectfully and honestly explore whatever is weighing you down or preventing you from cultivating your relationships more fully.


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