The Power Of Affirmations and How to Use the Magic of Words to Enhance your Life

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Affirmations, Habits for Growth

The Power of Affirmations and How to use the Magic of Words to Enhance your Life

We all possess the ability to perform magic. In fact, the majority of us do it without even thinking.

You see, much of our creative power lies in the magic of our words and the affirmations we choose for ourselves.

Whether they be written or spoken, words yield the power to construct and inform our perceptions of reality.

From the “creation” stories of various spiritual texts, to the books we read, there are countless examples of the creative power of words. We use words to relay our thoughts and feelings, to create influence, understanding, and love. This list goes on. Too often, however, we misuse the power of our words. And In an age where the media often dilutes interpersonal communication, words are often strewn about casually, with little regard for just how impactful they can be. People are bullied online, the news is nne disaster story after the next, and much of the distress we expeirence stems from internalizing how what we are fed and the ways that we speak to ourselves.

We have forgotten our true essence: love, light, and freedom.

Imagine that we understood our power. Imagine that we realized just how magical our words are, and decided to use them for good. What would that look like? It would look like mindfulness, self-awareness, and the conscious decision to speak affirmative words to attract what we desire.

Throughout the blogs here on my site, I have shared perspective on eliminating negative narratives and combating toxic mindsets. None of that can be accomplished without paying careful attention to the words we use. We need to ensure that the words we speak are words of life, and that they reflect the desires of our hearts.

Words are magic. If we truly understood the power of our words, we would never speak poorly about ourselves or others.  

Changing the language we use day to day is a gradual, challenging process. Below, find three ways to begin shifting your words to a more a positive, life-affirming place!

Affirming Thought: “I release the past and embrace the present moment because I am the creator of my current reality.”

When you accept that you hold complete creative power over the narrative of your life at any given moment, you dissolve the power that the past holds over you. The only thing holding you to your past are the negative thoughts you harbor and replay over and over in your mind, but you can always decide to sing a new song. Letting go empowers you to move forward.

Lesson # 1: Replace words of blame with words of accountability

Instead of saying, “today was a horrible day,” try saying, “I choose to make what remains of this day, and tomorrow and any other day, a better day.” By selecting words of accountability and empowerment – “I choose” – we place ourselves in the driver’s seat of life and reclaim our power. When you take responsibility for the effect your own attitude or outlook has on your circumstances, your circumstances begin to shift.

Lesson # 2: Express gratitude and abundance instead of lack

So often, we focus on what we lack. Especially when being reflective and within our own thoughts, so many of us ask for more, instead of giving thanks for what we already have. We tend to lament about what life hasn’t given us, who we haven’t managed to become, or what we haven’t yet achieved. Little do we know, putting so much emphasis on scarcity and lack only breeds more of the same. When things are going awry, challenge yourself to use your words to refocus your attention on what matters.

If your job is stressing you out, center your words on what you can appreciate about your position: “I’m so thankful for the ability to provide for myself and my family.” “I’m grateful for coworkers that are easy to get along with.” If you look closely enough, there’s usually always a way you can spin a negative into a positive and an opportunity to attract abundance by expressing gratitude.

Lesson # 3: Speak your desires into manifestation

Our words manifest our reality; they can attract exactly what your life needs. Many times you have spoken things into being and possibly thought it was a fluke or a coincidence, but it was your magic at work. It’s all about maintaining perspective to be fixated upon your goals as opposed to your fears, and then speaking with intention. Instead of passively hoping or wishing, use the full force of your creative power by willing things into existence. “I am successful and at peace with myself and my life.” This is an example of an affirmative statement you might use to send your intentions out into the Universe. It is important to note that speaking affirmatively is crucial even before your life circumstances have shifted. In other words, don’t wait for life to be great before you declare that it’s great. Speak, think, and carry yourself as if you have everything that you need–because you do–and eventually, your circumstances will shift to reflect that.  

Remember, it is just as important to be mindful of your words as it is to be mindful of your thoughts and emotions.

It is impossible to create what you desire with contradicting words, because a positive and negative mindset cannot exist at the same time. So today, decide  to use your magic for good and watch your life change.  


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