Three Powerful Thoughts for Successful Living

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Entrepreneur, Habits for Growth

Three Powerful Thoughts for Successful Living

I’ve shared the benefits of improving your thought patterns in many of my blog posts. Now, what if we took it a step further and focused on three specific thoughts that will help you cultivate more success in your life. You would probably think it was way too simple.

These affirming success-oriented thoughts are intuitive to your very being since childhood.  Do you remember being confident and determined as a kid? You’d set a goal and reach it, and then you’d set bigger, more challenging goals as you matured. Failure was never a long-term option in your mind.

You’ve been creating and achieving since birth; creation is in your nature.

As a child, you had minimal experience with disappointment.  You regularly created new ideas of how you wanted your life to look, and you acted and lived accordingly, constructing your destiny along the way with unbridled optimism and enthusiasm. So what happened since then? How did you transform from that excited kid, with dreams and a vision of a wonderful, into a disillusioned adult, constantly restricting yourself with fears, doubts, and anxieties?  The answer lies in letting negative emotions take charge of us.

As we journey toward and through adulthood, negative emotions kick in and detract us from our natural state of affirmative creation and success. Unresolved anger, fear, sadness, guilt, low self-esteem and disappointment are all examples of negative emotion that block us from our inherent creative power.  

Here are three self-affirming thoughts that will help you combat negative emotions, and transform your way of thinking to foster for bigger goals, less resistance, and quicker results. For maximum benefit, try to say the following statements aloud every day:

Affirming Thought #1: “I release the past and embrace the present moment because I am the creator of my current reality.”

When you accept that you hold complete creative power over the narrative of your life at any given moment, you dissolve the power that the past holds over you. The only thing holding you to your past are the negative thoughts you harbor and replay over and over in your mind, but you can always decide to sing a new song. Letting go empowers you to move forward.

Affirming Thought #2: “I am becoming more aware of my subconscious beliefs and inner voice, making them more supportive of my growth; they are in alignment with my conscious thoughts and actions.”

Reframing your mindset is more than just choosing newer, more beneficial thoughts. It also means dispelling the old, limiting stories you’ve been telling yourself subconsciously for years. Today, declare that you are aware of the thoughts that hold you back, and reclaim your power by replacing them with more constructive and intentionally cultivated ideas. Once you’ve selected your new thoughts, support them with matching effort through accompanying action. The combination of empowering thoughts and deliberate actions results in an elevated belief in the self.

Affirming Thought #3: “I can see my life from the Universe’s perspective, and I am the epitome of unconditional love.”

If you should ever struggle to accept yourself as the inherently good and powerful being that you are, lean on the higher power that created you. Whatever term you use – “God,” “the Universe,” etc. – know that you were placed here on purpose, with purpose. It may be helpful to adopt the perspective of that caring higher power when looking upon ourselves and our life circumstances. Where we may be hyper-critical and judgmental of ourselves and our pasts, the Universe is nondiscriminatory in its love for its creations – and that includes you!

Incorporate these three thoughts into your belief system and watch your life begin to change. Remember, thoughts alone will do little to transform your circumstances. You must align your new thoughts with action and practice consistently to initiate any sustainable shift in your life.



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